Selected exhibitions

2021 – “Art on the Wall” project (Old City Patterns) | Solo | Kichik Qala Gallery | Baku, Azerbaijan
2019 - “Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan” | Group
Tardino6 Pavilion, Contemporary Istanbul | Istanbul, Turkey
2019 - “THE THEFT OF FIRE” | Group | Kappelhaus, Goethe Zentrum Baku | Baku, Azerbaijan
Solo | Tardino 6 | Baku, Azerbaijan
2018 - “Germanaijan. German Heritage and Architecture in Azerbaijan” | Group | Kappelhaus  Baku, Azerbaijan
2018 - “ANIMAFILM - 1st Baku International Animation Festival” | The winner of "The Best Azerbaijani Short Animated Film" | Baku, Azerbaijan
2018 - “Nasimi Festival” | Urban-community art project | Gala warehouse | Baku, Azerbaijan
2018 - “Urban Fest Astana” | Street art festival | Astana, Kazakhstan
2017 - “4 - Yarat Academy Exhibition” | Group | ARTIM Project Space | Baku, Azerbaijan
2017 - “Art Prospect Urban Olum” | Public Art Festival | Baku, Azerbaijan
2017 - “Cartier Juste Un Clou” | Group | YAY Gallery | Baku, Azerbaijan
2016 - “Artist Between The Nails” | Solo | Center of Contemporary Art | Baku, Azerbaijan
2016 - “In This City Of Bright Fires” | Group | ARTIM Project Space | Baku, Azerbaijan
2015 - “Candy Mountains Oil Coasts” | Group | PERMM | Perm, Russian Federation
2015 - “A Burgeoning Collection” | Group | Maraya Art Centre | Sharjah, UAE
2014 - “ASTAR” at “A TIME FOR DREAMS 4th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art”
Group | Museum of Modern Art | Moscow, Russian Federation
2014 - “From Waste To Art” III International Exhibition | Group | Qala Settlement
Baku, Azerbaijan
2013 - “ZAVOD” | Group | “Bakond” Air Conditioner Factory | Baku, Azerbaijan
2013 - “Batumi Backyard Stories” Public Art Festival | Group | Batumi, Georgia
2010 - “Art Bazaar” | Group | “Veten” Cinema | Baku, Azerbaijan


2015 - Maraya Art Centre | Sharjah, UAE


2022 – Azerbaijan – Azerbaijan Contemporary Art Book | VarYox  Platform
2021/2020 - Baku Magazine
2014 – Azerbaijan – The colors of Wind and Fire | IMAGO MUNDI | Luciano Benetton Collection


2018 - “ANIMAFILM - 1st Baku International Animation Festival” | The winner of "The Best Azerbaijani Short Animated Film" | Baku, Azerbaijan
2017/2014 – Appreciation award | Behance Portfolio Review | Baku, Azerbaijan


Samir Salahov, an interdisciplinary multi-media artist from Baku, works across video installation, painting, graphics and street art. He graduated as an architect from the city planning faculty. His work is highly inspired by his anthropological interests as well as influenced by his architectural studies. Samir lives and works in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Artist Statement
The artist’s work is based around the questioning and dissection of masculinity in relation to anthropological frameworks. In addition, he turns to the study of people-space relationships, which stems from his architectural background, just like his craving for deconstruction and rebuilding concepts. The resulting material amalgamates into multimedia forms which are supported by a wide arsenal of artistic techniques, including drawing, painting, installation, animation, and text. All of the works contain humorous elements which are disguised as critical tools.

Drawing is the core of his artistic practice. The flow is directed by the creative restlessness expressed in the constant shift between different media forms, as well as by continuous oscillation between analogue and digital composition.

The artist’s production method is heavily tied to a DIY aesthetic, at the same time allowing for the presence of found material. His devotion to exaggeration and cartoonish visual representation comes from his childhood passion for animation and merchandise collecting habits. His production solutions emanate from constraints and limitations, either of censorship or the absence of artistic materials.