Each person may have his or her own answer to this question: What Is Time? However, various definitions of time are expressed by ideas, which are not neccessarily identical. This perception can be addressed or analysed from different perspectives like philosophy, religion and history. In our case, we addressed time as one-and-only investment of mankind into their past and future. As a matter of fact, all the material and spiritual values are nothing more than concepts created by human beings. Though, time is a determining factor in the fluctuation of those values. In relation to past, routine life will be either a deeply rooted experience and practice determining our present time or the emotional burden that we want to get rid of. Depending on the same time flow, all the materialsthat we use for daily needs will be either a rare archaeological find or just a waste.

Video & sound, one channel, digital animation | 00:01:51 | 2017 | Azeri Language 
based on Nijat Mammadov’s poem “Continuity N.6”